Friday, August 21, 2009

New woolie, rounding the last lap

Awhile back, during the years of mighty stashing efforts, I found this great yarn really cheap somewhere. It is called "Four Seasons" and it is mostly wool with little flecks of angora and polyamide. I bought up what was left of three colors: a dark chocolate brown (with orange and white tweed), a milk chocolate (with blue and tan tweed), and a denim blue (with orange and brown tweed).

I used to be so large that there wasn't enough of any one color in my stash for me to make a whole sweater, so I thought about stripes or contrasting trims and just sat on the yarn (as one is wont to do with stash yarns).

Well, that is no longer the case!

Chic hoodie in brown tweed
Chic Knits "Basic Chic Hoodie" in dark chocolate

The hoodie was born from my failed fitted vest. After I rounded up all of the stray balls, I did some maths and realized I had more than enough for this sweater. The lines of the design go well with the versatile tweed--it will go great with everything.

I still have one pocket to finish, the hood, and the button bands. And even though there is no way this sweater is geographically appropriate, I will definitely be wearing it as much as I can!

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