Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wherein we take a deep breath and love the universe despite its crooked teeth and halitosis

I finished a sweater.

Help! U neck FO?

Hey! Isn't that supposed to be a "sexy" and "fitted" knit? Doesn't it look sort of ... bulky?

Maybe its the angle, I am sure it's not SO VERY HUGE...

Help! U neck FO?

Or, errr.

It does look OK from the back...

Help! U neck FO?

Probably because you don't so much notice the lack of shapeliness from the back.


Thank you, Universe. I had forgotten the process, I was way too into the product. What a nut I am! And also, thank you for all of the other seemingly prickly gifts you have given me lately. I am fortunate to have such little puzzles of generosity to work out.

But between you and me, Universe, can we chalk this up to all my running and eating right, and not so much because I didn't really swatch? Kthxbai.

PS, I will be ripping it later to make a "Basic Chic Hoodie." Please remind me the next time I want to knit a super cute vest, that I have looked like an avocado seed on toothpicks in every single vest I have ever tried to knit.

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