Monday, January 15, 2007

They just wanna, they just wanna....

Girls, they wanna have fu-un, oh! Girls just wanna have fun!

Ladies on stage, dancing to Cyndi

The Alamo singalongs are great, you can order pizza and beer, and they bring it to your theater seats, and then there is always some sort of party favor. For example, at the Reefer Madness singalong (it was not nearly as cool as it sounded) they gave out brownies about 2/3rds of the way through the film. This one was no different, and for the finale, we reached under our tables and 99 of us (yours truly included) found a red balloon to blow up.

The next one may just be EVEN better...

Earlier in the week, I saw a friend's band play a little coffee shop.

Misti is HOTT while her aspiring drummer boy watches on.

But wait! There are nearly some FOs... I *know* that's just crazy! But its totally true. This is Mom's scarf (a year old at this point... ridiculous). If anyone can remember ancient history, I had a problem with finishing the last three rows of this baby ages ago. I decided to just be zen and finish it without freaking out about perfection. It is still going to be beautiful after blocking.

And last... with nothing left to do but weave in some ends... Here are some gift mittens. Being guarded, quite literally, by PJ. Don't make him come over there and throw down. 'Cause he will.

Cross your fingers that tomorrow is an "ice day" and I get to stay home from work!

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