Monday, January 15, 2007

Blame it on the rain

... That turned into ice,
... That kept me home,
... That gave me time: To block (AND blog, twice in one day)...

Like a stuck pig, as the saying goes

Mom's scarf, in soggy repose

ALSO. Have you heard about all this cloning business? The gist is that the FDA has found no discernible difference between cloned animal products and non-cloned animal products (this includes meat and by products like milk or cheese). This means that, like genetically modified products, no labelling requirements will be made, thereby taking away the consumer's right to choose between natural and cloned food. EEK!

I will leave the decision to act or not act up to you, but I am curious about this, and am hoping to start a discussion...

  • Would you want to knit with wool from a cloned sheep or goat? Would you want to know if you were?

  • Chances are that some of the newer vegetable fibers are from genetically modified plants, does that bother you?

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