Friday, September 29, 2006

Houston? We have a problem...

Can you guess what the problem is from this picture?

[Here's a hint: I have two more knit rows AND a bind off left in the pattern]

D'you think I have enough yarn? Yeah. It doens't look good.

So, please help me oh mighty, mighty knitters... Do I:

A. Finish in the multi-colored yarn. You are so close and your mom will still love you.

B. Pick out the cast ON, pull back a row so they are BOTH narrower, then use the extra to finish the bind off. (Has anyone ever tried something like this?)


When bemoaning the state of affairs to BBE, he suggested I finish a lil sumpn sumpn that has been hanging around. He was totally right: I felt much better with two FOs in hand...

These are ingenious little crocheted potholders that will be gifted to BBE's stepmom. She had one from WAY back and it was beginning to fray. I couldn't figure out how it seemed to be double-thick with no discernible seams... And thought I would have to actually figure it out. But with internet access all things are possible! I found the pattern here. Make some, they are fast, satisfying, and (I have on very good authority) perfect when dealing with hot pans.

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