Monday, October 02, 2006

There is actual knitting content in there somewhere

This weekend was all about the music... Not unlike the ACL weekend, but more expensive.

Friday was the Reverend Horton Heat with HorrorPops opening. (He did all my faves including: 400 Bucks, Bales of Cocaine, and Wiggle Stick. WOO!)

[The blurry red dot is the Rev hisself, and to the right, the blur with the upright is good ole Jimbo.]

There were some post-show shenanigans...

[Don't worry, she's CSI in the daytime]

Saturday I ran FIVE miles with my half-marathon training group. FIVE!! And I even lived!

That night, Jill Sobule opened up for one of my all-time-ever faves... CYNDI LAUPER. (I got the best shirt, and totally reminisced about the last time I saw her... Which was in the eighth grade--TWENTY YEARS AGO. Hold on, I feel a little woozy.)

[She is just so cute. And damn can that girl belt it OUT.]

[We are reliving the 80s in our minds]

On Sunday, I decided to check out all the feedback and advice you guys gave me on the Mom Scarf. And so, when in doubt...

[The beginning of my Diamonique shell... One good thing about Texas, the shell knitting ain't over til I SAY it's over.]

Sunday night... DJ Shadow in da HOWWWWWSE. (Lateef the Truth Speaker opened, but we missed most of his set.)

[DJs always have the best visuals.]

[BBE snapped this one while I muscled my way to first in line for the signing.]

[Here he is signing my show shwag...]

[...and signing someone else's shwag.]

And that brings us to today... And {yawn} I gotta say, I could go for a nap.

I will be out of town most of the rest of this week, taking a work class and visiting my family in Arizona. There will of course be some knitting, some live music, and hopefully many many pictures of darling nephews to share when I get back.

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