Friday, January 19, 2007

Ribbed Mitts – a free pattern

(c) Chelsea Biondolillo 2007

These mitts first made their appearance on a great camping and hiking trip to Alaska two summers ago.

I said I would write up the pattern, and I finally got around to it. The ribbing pattern sets off hand-dyed yarn very nicely, while the garter stitch rows add a bit of structure to the mitt shape.

These are especially good gloves for Texas, since they keep the chill off but don’t make your hands too warm. And if you work in a drafty office, these are the perfect accessory as you can still type and make paper clip soldiers while wearing these babies.

This is my first free pattern, please let me know if you run into any snags or if I could make it more clear or concise. Also, the pattern is copyrighted by yours truly which means you can make as many of these as you want, but please don’t sell the finished mitts or any copies of this pattern without asking my permission first. Thank you! And of course: if you do make these, please let me know!

Ribbed Fingerless Mitts
One Size (with adjustable length)

Any superwash DK/Sport yarn will work well for these. In the samples shown, hers were made with Koigu Kersti and his were made with Spirit Trail Fiberworks superwash DK/Sport sock yarn.

Each pair takes just over 50 gms of DK wool to complete (or 125-150yds).

Needles: (2) US 3 circular needles (or size needed to make gauge)

Scrap yarn
Tapestry needle

26 x 40 = 10” (40 cm) square

Ribbing pattern:
Row 1: K3, P2 to end of round
Repeat row 1 for 3x2 ribbing.

Kfb – Knit into the front and back of the next stitch
Pfkb – Purl into the front then bring the working yarn to the back of the needle and knit into the back of the next stitch.

(Make 2)
CO 50 stitches, join being careful not to twist stitches.
Row 1: Purl. Row 2: Knit 1. Repeat rows 1 and 2 once.
Begin 3x2 ribbing and continue until cuff measures 2”.
Knit 1 round. Purl 1 round. Knit 1 round.
Continue in 3x2 ribbing for 2 rounds.

Begin thumb gusset:
At the beginning of the next round, (Round 1)Kfb into the first stitch, PM, K2, P2, then continue in 3x2 ribbing to last stitch, then PM, Pfkb. Next round (Round 2), knit all increased stitches, and maintain 3x2 ribbing for the rest of the round.

Detail of thumb increases

Continue to add gusset stitches as follows: Round 1: knit to one stitch before marker, Kfb, slip M, K2, P2 continue in 3x2 rib to next marker, slip marker, Pfkb, K to end of round. Round 2: knit all increased stitches and maintain 3x2 ribbing for the rest of the round. Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until there are 19 gusset stitches.

Detail of back thumb shaping

On the next round, continue in pattern to the second stitch marker, remove marker, P1, then slip all thumb stitches onto a piece of scrap yarn. CO 1 stitch using the backward loop method before beginning the next round. K2, P2, continue in 3x2 ribbing to end of round. Knit the last stitch of the round (this becomes the first stitch of the 3x2 ribbing pattern).

Continue in 3x2 ribbing until mitt measures approximately 5 ¼” (or approximately ¾" shorter than you want the final mitt). Knit 1 round. Purl 1 round. Knit one round. Next round, resume 3x2 ribbing for 5 rounds. K1 round. P 1 round. Bind off loosely using a sewn cast off. (Instructions here.) Complete thumb.

Detail of sewn cast off.

Pick up and knit two stitches across the join (20 stitches). Continue in 3x2 ribbing for 5 rounds. K 1 round. P 1 round. Bind off thumb stitches using sewn cast off.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Blame it on the rain

... That turned into ice,
... That kept me home,
... That gave me time: To block (AND blog, twice in one day)...

Like a stuck pig, as the saying goes

Mom's scarf, in soggy repose

ALSO. Have you heard about all this cloning business? The gist is that the FDA has found no discernible difference between cloned animal products and non-cloned animal products (this includes meat and by products like milk or cheese). This means that, like genetically modified products, no labelling requirements will be made, thereby taking away the consumer's right to choose between natural and cloned food. EEK!

I will leave the decision to act or not act up to you, but I am curious about this, and am hoping to start a discussion...

  • Would you want to knit with wool from a cloned sheep or goat? Would you want to know if you were?

  • Chances are that some of the newer vegetable fibers are from genetically modified plants, does that bother you?

They just wanna, they just wanna....

Girls, they wanna have fu-un, oh! Girls just wanna have fun!

Ladies on stage, dancing to Cyndi

The Alamo singalongs are great, you can order pizza and beer, and they bring it to your theater seats, and then there is always some sort of party favor. For example, at the Reefer Madness singalong (it was not nearly as cool as it sounded) they gave out brownies about 2/3rds of the way through the film. This one was no different, and for the finale, we reached under our tables and 99 of us (yours truly included) found a red balloon to blow up.

The next one may just be EVEN better...

Earlier in the week, I saw a friend's band play a little coffee shop.

Misti is HOTT while her aspiring drummer boy watches on.

But wait! There are nearly some FOs... I *know* that's just crazy! But its totally true. This is Mom's scarf (a year old at this point... ridiculous). If anyone can remember ancient history, I had a problem with finishing the last three rows of this baby ages ago. I decided to just be zen and finish it without freaking out about perfection. It is still going to be beautiful after blocking.

And last... with nothing left to do but weave in some ends... Here are some gift mittens. Being guarded, quite literally, by PJ. Don't make him come over there and throw down. 'Cause he will.

Cross your fingers that tomorrow is an "ice day" and I get to stay home from work!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One gift of note

(Though there were many fabulous ones: the sweet flash for my digi cam from mom and the turntable [WOO-fuckin-HOOOO!!] from BBE, to name but a couple.)

This is my new kickass knitting bag.

I got it today with a gift certificate that BBE's folks got me to *MY* LYS. How sweet is that? They live in New Jersey! And just guessed!

In the crappy ole ziploc (the old knitting bag) are two projects currently on the needles. They are sort of secret for now. In front is a sad summery UFO. More on those later...

In the meantime, here's what I am listening to:

In preparation for this. If you're in town... come on out on Thursday night and rock it like a virgin.

Also, Austin knitters? Where do y'all meet up these days, and when? I need to get back in the saddle...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My, how you've all grown...

Seems like its been AGES. Oh, wait. That's because it totally HAS been ages. What the hell have I been doing?? The usual suspects, mostly...

Late nights...

Big shows (that's Joan m-F-in' Jett)

Noisy shows

Playin' dress up


EVEN a bit of knittin... but this is a super secret project that you will have to learn more about later.

I am going to do my best to resume semi-regular posts. Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year so far.