Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A. Just barely

Q. How does a 17' truck fit into a 550 sq ft space?

It's a mess, and still largely unpacked. But it's mine.

There will be purging. (Any wannabe spinners out there?) In the meantime, there is cooking and reading and (hopefully soon) writing and no TV and it's mine.


cplazar said...

I'm a wannabe spinner. What are you trying to unload?

Chelsea said...

I have a Lendrum double-treadle wheel & matching stool, a 3 spool lazy kate, and maybe 7 lbs of dreamy hand-dyed fiber from various MDS&W and Rhinebeck fests... I am still researching what I want for it and whether or not I could ship it.

Chris said...

YAY! I'm so glad to hear some good news!

As for the fiber, I may be interested in some of that.
If you're selling your Lendrum, it'll go FAST and you can probably get very close to what you paid for it new. (If I didn't already have a Lendrum of my own, I'd be all over it).