Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hope Summers Eternal

What a difference a view makes.

Granted, the view may still be more "boxy" than I'd like; I have a mountain of stuff I don't really need; and not having an internet connection at home for the first time in... 10 years? is a bit rough.

But, I cook my own meals with my own food and I go for powerwalks with JFC and hit up the library and coffeeshop when necessary. There is even supposed to be a knitting meet up a few blocks away, but I am not sure if it is canceled for summer--I seem to keep missing the knitters. [Still need a buyer for my Lendrum, if you know of anyone local to Phoenix--I've posted to the local board on ravelry and a CL post is forthcoming.]

I'm actually working on a new essay. And next year's applications are in the brainstorm pile.

Also, the hush hush writing project from the Spring is finally in print: Venuszine: Girl's Guide to BBQ The print version is supposedly lovely, three pages with pics, but I haven't found a copy yet. If you see one, let me know how it looks!

The mood, as they say, has shifted (with the sun). Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday's solstice at the Central Library. The top floor was designed specifically for solar noon on the summer solstice: the side walls light up and the candlestick columns get direct light from above, causing them to glow (like candles).

Quote from the architect "This isn't Indiana Jones, there's no light
hitting a crystal to open a door, just the subtle beauty of light
moving through a space."

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