Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day...? Oh yeah, 16

It's time consuming, this eating plant-strong business.

Yesterday I made three recipes at once, about 10 or 12 lunch/dinners. A few of those I'll share with JFC. It took HOURS.

I've also begun to notice some symptoms that the internets and some of my anti-soy coworkers would have me believe are related to the shit ton of soy products I've been taking in. I'll call them hormone-related and leave it at that. It is a bit unsettling, and I'm not totally sure that I buy that tofu is really better in every way for me than lean fish or eggs.

I do believe that my body is way happier without dairy. Way! Happier!

In other news, this vine yoke pattern is weird. The I-cord at the neck seems way too small, and I have no idea how l'll get the vines un-puffed. But I will soldier on!


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