Monday, February 08, 2010

Day 15 and car trouble

I'm actually up half a pound. Of course half a pizza is half a pizza with or without animals. Yesterday, JFC and I indulged in a vegan pizza from Z pizza and some cartoons.

The work on my vine yoke is going smoothly so far. The construction on this thing is so unique, it keeps me engaged.

The vegan thing is still going well. Except for the not losing weight part. But considering my two extravagant off-plan meals this week (mmm tsoynami, anyone?) it's good that I only went up half a pound.

Last night's dessert was lemon sorbet with warm blueberries... A beautiful and tasty combo.

My car headlamps both went out last night. This post was sent from the shop. I learned via wiki that the mechanism on my car that actually casts the light is called a headlamp. The beam it casts is called a headlight.

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