Friday, December 12, 2008

Finished object!

The stashbuster, she is complete.

Stashbuster complete!

Pattern: Made up as I went along, with initial guidance from Knitgrrl on the knitting cruise back in...awhile ago. It's a basic top down raglan.
Yarns: from the stash... some Brooks Primero, Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca dk, Rowan Kid Classic, Patons wool
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Stashbuster complete!

What I liked
Using up all this stash AND making a sweater I actually like. The fit is nice, it buttons and it is sooooft. Plus all the dreamy gray blues make me melancholy in the best possible way.

Stashbuster complete!

What I would do differently
The neck is a bit high. This will take some muddling through. Also, just adding stripes and fair isle rows using my scientific method of "whenever" resulted in a few stripe situations that I would do differently were I too again... but overall, doubleplusgood.

Things have been rather ooky around here lately. I am trying to stay optimistic, but the news abroad and in my own living room just isn't the best, you know? Add to that, the process of "lightening" my load of possessions is a slow and sometimes difficult one. But this is part of why I want to make such a drastic move. I am drowning in things, and they have failed to make me happy. OK, except for my iPod and my biker boots. But other than that, what's it all worth? (Nothing if you ask the jerks on craigslist.) Anyway. Enough whining, I am trying to enjoy my new wooly. Next up for my almost undivided attention: Coraline!

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