Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, sunday: an FO, some lurid pics, and plans

Here is a little mini-FO. I was so enamored with all of the Queen Anne's Lace scarves at Rhinebeck, I had to have one. I grabbed the yarn from The Fold, it's a Socks That Rock colorway in a worsted weight! It took me a mere day to knock this baby out, and I love it.

Queen Anne's Lace scarf

Why crochet rocks
(Sorry for the craptacular pics, the camera batteries were dead... so this is me blackberrying it up)

1craftyboy's free pattern here: Queen Anne's Lace scarf
Socks that Rock Twisted (color: Jubilation)
Ravelry link

I had some trouble deciding how I wanted to attach each motif together (you attach as you go in the pattern). If you anchor each new motif to TWO other motifs, you get the scarf that is pictured in the patterns all over... It is very flat and stable. Since I was using a smaller needle than most folks did, that made my scarf sort of stiff. So I experimented and every now and then attached a few motifs to just the one below it. This makes the scarf a bit more "twisty." I really like the finished product and had to stop myself from making about eleventy-two of these.

Queen Ann closeup
(close up of the groovy flowery motifs)

What I liked about this project
Um, hi? One day to multicolored scarfy goodness? I AM IN. Plus the flowery shapes are spared from overcuteness somehow, and I REALLY dig that.

What would I do differently
Next time I will use a bigger needle and attach them all as written. OR I will use the same needle and attach them all loosely and make like two strings that you wear together. Or something like that. I might even just not change a damn thing.

STR twisted Jubilation
(the scarf only used up a smidge... I have plans for the rest!)

Austin's own Erotic Carnival
On Friday, I went to watch my pals Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five play at Austin's Erotic Carnival (here's a blurb on last year's event). Not as fantastically costumy as I had hoped, but we had fun.

One for the xmas letter
(Myself with two of the boys in the band. Good times!)

Shannon and Ruby
(Shannon with our buddy, Ruby Lamb, the burlesque dancer.)

hula hooping... on FIRE
(She was hula-hooping... with FIRE!)

(I don't know what they are dressed as, but I love how they camped up for the camera.)

Joy, me, Shannon
(We make a sassy 6-pack!)

Now THAT'S a sixpack
(The six pack comes in more than one flavor.)

I am moving to NYC

...In about 6 months. It is very exciting, and has given me a nice shot of get-your-shit-together. Before I move there, I am going back for one more fun trip (Halloween!), to hang out with one of my best college friends, Corrie. More on this as it develops. But, hooray!

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