Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ravelympics count down

I need to take some WIPs pics, for accurate projections. But here is a text-only rundown of what I will be trying to finish up in the WIPs Wrestling event.

Blizzard Wrap from Scarf Style... This one is about half-way done, 4 balls left (half of one will be edging.
Diagonal Throw... My most worrisome project. I am not quite to the "straight" portion of this one, so it will definitely be a challenge. There are maybe 4 skeins (giant Homespun skeins) left on this bad boy.
Guitar Strap (my pattern): The finishing is the killer on this one. I am not sure if I can sew the leather pieces on with my machine or if I will have to take it somewhere...

Tropical T: O how this one has lingered. One big giant square of stockinette... The back is done except for a couple of inches of neck/shoulder shaping. Then ONE MORE BIG SQUARE of stockinette.
Vest: All this needs is armsyces and neck/front bands. Then a lil hook n eye action. Why is it still not done???
Steve's Socks: Only need to finish the ankles on both, but they have been hanging around since March. This is what happens when I don't fly all the time.

I will also be training for another triathlon and celebrating 3 or 4 birthdays in the next two weeks. Maybe I bit off too much...

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