Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spotlight on WIPs: two gifts (part 1)

You know how they do the little "human interest stories" about the Olympic athletes? It's because they are hoping you'll root for them even MORE once you know they are from your home state/have a mom like yours/recovered from an illness like your cousin. Well, none of my WIPs Wrestling projects have such dramatic stories, but they do each have a story. Two of my Ravelympic WIPs are gifts, and I am going to tell you their stories first.

Today, I am hoping to get you rooting for a pair of socks. (More likely, I am going to get ME motivated enough to finish these two presents, but let's not quibble over something as petty as motivation.) Tomorrow I will try to get a cheer going for a guitar strap.

First up, Steve's Socks

"Steve's Socks" were born on a business trip to Seattle. On that trip, I got to hang out with two good friends, which was stellar, AND see some of the sights in a city that is slowly carving out a spot in my cold, black heart.

Steve's socks

I have known Steve since my senior year of highschool. He was my prom date and my first love.


We fell out of touch for a very long time, but in the last two years have become better friends than we ever were back then.


I visited him in Portland, OR a while back, and started a pair of socks for him out of Opal's zebra print... But, um. I kept them. If you saw me at MDS&W this year, you may have seen them.

Suited up for the Fest

We don't get to see eachother that often, but when we do, we have a great time. Last March, he drove up from Portland so we could hang out for a bit. Some highlights:

Exploding cars, Seattle Art Museum
[Exploding car sculpture at the Seattle Art Museum]

I did not see Bruce Springsteen in Seattle
[We did not see Bruce Springsteen]

Jenna and Steve, EMP
[Jenna and Steve at the EMP]

I promised to make him another pair of socks, but really give them to him this time. We went to Hilltop East, and he picked out this lovely Regia Bamboo in grays and blues (which reminds me of Oregon skies). They should be at least three season socks for him in that temperate climate of his. And since then they have just lingered and lingered, which is ridiculous.

Steve deserves some socks, doesn't he? Are you rooting for the socks now?

Tomorrow: Music, DC, and a crazy bartender I dig

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