Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday's child is full of grace (and, apparently, links)

Do you know which day you are? Birth Day calculator.

Last night I went to my running workout. It was actually a pretty good one, even though it was (you might want to sit down and fan yourself for a moment) 101°F outside. We did some 50m repeats, and it was really gratifying to watch my heart rate recover from the spike so much more quickly than last year. It really amazes me that I like running.

"You gonna wear those shoes?"
[That photo title is from a song by Patrick Sweany, "Them Shoes". You can hear the whole thing here: Patrick Sweany. I highly recommend it.]

As an aside, and thank you Norma for reminding me that I slipped in a lil mention of yoga yesterday... Ann, are you still out there? Guess what? I have been going to Bikram yoga for a couple of weeks now and I TOTALLY LOVE IT. (Ann took me to my first hot yoga class when I visited her about a million years ago.) I think it is really helping me deal with the heat during my cardio workouts (as well as carving me some nice muscles).

Also, last night, I knit!

Lace cardi back

The lace cardi now has a complete back, two sleeves and ALMOST one front... It would be so kick ass to finish this baby this week. I am making her up from Shine Worsted in Grass. This yarn is so soft and squooshy AND machine washable (at least the DK I made my Jems Diamonique [ravelry link] from has held up great so far).

Here is a found picture that warms my black, cold heart like a nice wool sweater. It's from bighappyfunhouse:

And last link for today, I promise, here are some amazing knitted organs. Seriously, go look... they are crazy and soft looking. [Thank you Boing Boing]

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