Friday, July 25, 2008

Diamonds on my neck / Diamonds on my grill...

Don't have a lot to spend, but dying for a diamond-crusted grill? Look no further: Candy Grillz

I took today off and spent it hanging out with Ramona, who was back in town for a bit on work-related business. We did magical room feng shui/origami to my craft/computer/guest room to take it from horrendously cluttered and messy to orderly and useful. I will post pictures tomorrow, as right now I need to get ready to go out.

Tonight, my good pals, the Yuppie Pricks have a CD release party... While I can't stay out late (race on Sunday!) I will definitely be stopping by to see the spectacle. I believe there will be a bikini contest and possibly some money thrown out into the crowd. They always put on the best show!

I almost didn't make today's post... but I really want to work on writing every day. It's all part of the Big Plan. Tomorrow I need to mostly stay off my feet, so stay tuned for a long ass post about craft clutter AND possibly a couple scary stash pics!

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