Saturday, July 26, 2008


There will be no long post today. I did way too much running around, and spent the morning dawdling with Ramona before she left and finishing up the last bit of knitting on the lace cardi. I had grand visions of sewing it all up, but only got as far as the shoulder seams and one side of one set-in sleeve.

lacy cardigan - final stretch

I did mention a stash picture, and here it is...

[It's not as bad as all that, right? It used to be worse, I think... before the purging of 2005 and 2006]

This is almost all of the fiber that is not currently "in play" in a WIP. (I found a bag of organic cotton and a few other odds and ends as I continued to sort stuff in the room.)

Here is a shot of the neglected WIPs

WIP Mountain

The Lion Brand Bolero is not in there, as that one finally had to be let go. The sleeves weren't quite right, and now it is about 2 sizes too big anyway. I am hoping someone at Arts n Drafts will want to either finish it, or salvage the yarn.

I am really excited to show off my new room, but for now I need to get some rest before tomorrow's race. Think good thoughts for number 226!

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