Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sabine Shrug - Finished!

Here is my Sabine Shrug, in all its finished glory:

Sabine shrug - front

Pattern: Sabine from Perl Grey
Fiber: She is made from LUSCIOUS Fleece Artist Kid Silk (one skein) in some sort of tasty raspberry/caramel colorway
Needles: 5mm / US8
A quick knit (when I worked on it), I would only change one key thing: the pattern has you cast on and start knitting on one side of the back, then after you finish the first sleeve (working sideways), you go back and pick out the cast on edge, and start knitting that-a-way. I would DEFINITELY do some sort of provisional cast on next time, as frankly, asking me to pick out a cast on edge in a fuzzy-ish yarn is (no offense, designer of an otherwise lovely garment) pretty dumb.

Sabine shrug  - back
(Doing the Safety Dance, and also showing off the back)

Sabine shrug - wingspan
(The wingspan, and also the cool thumb hole detailing)

This kit was purchased from the oh-so-famous Lettuce Knit in Toronto. I started it in my hotel that night (beginning of September) and finished it in my hotel in Seattle last week.

I dig it, overall. It could be the *slightest* bit roomier in the arms, but that's more the fault of alla my beer drinkin than the pattern. It is a nice level of warmth for Austin, worn over no sleeves in November. AND when I wear it, all sorts of folks want to "pet" me. Can't beat that!

Also, if you can't get to Toronto, this pattern would be GREAT for a lone skein of Brooks Farm duet or harmony... Too bad it is only offered in a kit. I'm just sayin'.

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