Friday, November 09, 2007

What the French, toast?

(That's from the Orbit gum commercial... you know the one about clean mouths? My other favorite line is "Pickle YOU, kumquat!" I think kumquat sounds fantastically foul in that sentence.)

The Seattle trip has been great and also sucky.

Here are some of the great parts:

Sabine shrug
I finished one arm of the shrug, but I was distracted by...

The ladies of Hilltop
Bevin and Wendee of the fabulous Hilltop Yarns...

Hilltop Yarns, Bellevue, WA
Serious S.E.X. in this fantastic shop... which led to some startitis, including....

multi-directional in progress
A multi-directional that will be gifted (already two more sections done, this thing goes fast!)

J's Irish hiking scarf
An Irish hiking scarf (also a gift) out of the mouth-wateringly squooshy Claudia's jumbo hand-painted chunky weight.

But the BEST PART? The real highlight of the trip?

Jenna avec Indian Food
Dinner and drinks with Jenna!

I glimpsed the beginnings of the swirled pentagon pullover over coffee, then we had the best Indian food ever. (Well, at least the best service ever and possibly the best chai ever... do you see those naans are bigger than our heads??) And lastly, we headed over to a great little neighborhood bar, the Hazelwood, for some wine and beers. We caught up a bit, I confessed that I secretely want to move to Seattle and all in all had a great evening. I am so glad I got to catch up with her, and hope I make it back sometime soon to do it again!

The sucky parts have all been in my heart and mind. Monkey mind is so demanding and childish... willing to say and do anything to get what it wants, which is comfort and love. I was down, then up, then down again...

Somebody once said "If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

And someone else said that "Love isn't the thing that rocks your world, but is the thing that's there for you after your world has been rocked."

I have been meditating on these two things all week 'cause I want to do the right thing. Think good thoughts for me, willya?

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