Thursday, November 15, 2007


Over the weekend my pal Ramona and I went to Stitch. I actuallly debuted the Sabine shrug there, but it deserved its own post, so I have held off on this one.

This is my second year at this handmade extravaganza and I might have actually spent less this time around. Last year I got a couple of gifts and some crazy tchotchkies... This year I only got one gift (a squid shirt for BBE) and the rest of the haul was me-all-mine.

Some things I didn't buy:

An embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching. Why? 'Cause I already had one on order! I really want to embroider a couple of this year's xmas gifts... Will I? Who knows!

A purse from Bolsa Bonita. Why? Cause I couldn't pick from all the excellent options! I loved them all so much. One of my favorites had Tom Selleck on it with some plush fabric sewn over his moustache. So furry and creepy!

There were several other fantastic finds that I was either too broke or too undecided to buy. But here are some shots of things I did get...

Monday was brought to you by Party Bots
That's the hurt bot on the softest T-shirt EVER (I actually purchased a total of 3 of his shirts... but two were Seattle souvenirs, where the artist Karl, is from! It was great to get to talk with him a bit about his process after buying his stuff so far away.)

On Tuesday I stayed home, but some really great stuff happened, so for Wednesday, I ditched the gloom and dove into a super bright Super Maggie...
This couple has some really gorgeous designs. I wanted about 3 of them reallyreally bad, but limited it to this nice men's V-neck. I don't normally like how men's T-shirts fit, but this one is perfect... plus the pattern is fantastic!

Today is Arts n Drafts, so I was feeling like dressing up a little. I threw this great Rural Rooster shirt on.
It has sparrows and roses silkscreened above the pockets on a re-purposed men's western button-down. Last year I got a t-shirt for me and a button down for Mark from this booth. There designs have a nice vintage/collage feel to them.. I love them.

It may not be the cheapest way to go, but ditching the mall in favor of supporting independent artists sure feels a helluva lot better. Check out some of the amazing designers on the Stitch Vendor list... There is sure to be something perfect for that one person on your list who is always impossible to shop for.

**Bonus, for any of my non-knitting (from way back) friends who might be peeking in: how many times in this post did I commit the "Where's the library at, asshole" faux pas?

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