Monday, October 15, 2007

Works in progress

How did I wind up with so many WIPs? Currently on the needles:

Secret Garden vest
Tropical T
Sabine Shrug
Brooks Primero Clapotis
BBE's latest socks
Lion Brand bolero
Diagonal Crochet blanket (it's just single crochet on the diagonal, no actual pattern).

Those last two should really be called UFOs at this point, but I am the eternal optimist.

I have gotten a fair bit of the vest done:
secret garden in progress
(Detail here.)

I am closeto being done, but sometimes the pattern and shaping are just too much. I am also at a complete loss re/ buttons... So my feet dragging may be subconsciously on purpose.

Which is why I have the shrug and t around.

Sabine in progress
(Sabine back)

420-friendly knitting
(Tropical T, back)

Big pink rectangles. These can be best described as 420-friendly knitting (or, "TV-friendly" if you're into that sort of thing). The going on these is slow and monotonous. But sometimes that's just fine.

I am hoping to have the knitting on the shrug done this week. Maybe get the vest in the final throes as well. Sadly, all I need to do to the bolero is sew the side seams and add the ribbed edging and I just can't bring myself to do it.

There are several fall-like sweaters I would like to start, but not until this list is shorter! Anyone else drowning in warm weather WIPs? What are you gonna do about it--store them til Spring or knock out some FOs?

In other news...
This weekend, BBE and I went shopping. He is a very conscientious and careful motorcycle rider (that's for you, Mom) and wouldn't even dream of riding me around the block without sufficient safety gear.

I already have a pair of Docs, so that left helmet, jacket, and gloves...

First, we did a helmet fitting:

half helmet
I will have to get a lil half-helmet whenever I get my scooter. But for motorcycling, its just not enough protection.

helmet fitting
Here's the full face version... It was extremely comfortable, but am looking so unamused because BBE just informed me that it was around $650.

After helmets, came jacket and gloves...

Nicky's colors
Nicky (the pretty boy grand prix champeen!) rides for Repsol Honda, but between the leather (way too hot) and the pricetag (you don't even want to know), I had to put this one back. Sorry, Nicky, maybe in the winter after I win the lottery.

I finally picked out all my gear...

Suited up
I went with an HJC helmet and Joe Rocket mesh jacket and gloves.

The ride was great (a little more than around the block, but not too far yet). I managed to bang up my elbow taking part in a very ungraceful dismount, so here's hoping it won't affect the knitting this week!

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