Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday rocks (warning! photo heavy)

The biggest news around chez small hands, is the boy's newest acquisition. He has owned it for a only a few hours...

The best part can be seen in the fine print.

Yes, a former cop motorcycle. Complete with scary "you're screwed" horn that goes "WOOOp, WOOOp". And since that plastic cover pops off of the passenger seat, stay tuned for pics of my new bad ass bitch helmet and jacket (soon)!

In other news, I am doing some knitting, but it's not all that exciting, so I thought I would share some more vacation pics.

We flew into San Jose, CA airport and headed straight to Monterrey and the Laguna Seca raceway. By a total stroke of luck, we got to take a "hot lap" around the track with a driving school instructor in a Mazda RX8. But after the lap, we played around in the smaller racecars.

And yet, no cup holder

Later, on our way up the coast, we stopped by Castroville, CA. The Artichoke Capital of the World (who knew?)...

Castroville is the artichoke capital of the WORLD

In San Fran, we stopped at the Botanical Garden for a few moments before driving through Golden Gate park. There was a big head:

crazy west coast artists

And the world famous Golden Gate Bridge:

Golden Gate Bridge

In Mill Valley, I got to see one of my best friends from long ago and her newest family member:

SR and Maeve

Then, finally... the coast!

First glimpse of the Pac 101 beaches!!

We headed north through California along the famously gorgeous Pacific Coast highway 101. Along the way we drove thru the tree (just like in the Goofy cartoons!)

Chandelier tree

Stopped at more lil beaches:

Cali coastline

Chatted up Paul and Babe:

Paul Bunyan and the Trees of Mystery!

(While there, some lil kid asked Paul [he talks to the crowd] if Babe was a boy or a girl... Paul said "What do you think?"... So BBE got this one of me clarifying)

We saw some Trees of Mystery, stretching impossibly high:

travelling at the speed of tree

And finally, joyfully, made it to Oregon!


Where the beaches were more gorgeous, since, being an Oregonian by birth, they are somehow more MINE.

Sunset over two rocks

Oregon Coast sunrise

Whew. That's probably enough pics for now. Maybe I will post the Oregon half of the trip next Friday. Until then, it's the weekend: shake it like a polaroid and have a shot of Jager for me.

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