Monday, October 22, 2007

That's what rock n roll can do...

WARNING: No knitting has occurred since the last post. But, in crafting news, the oh-so-generous Betsy, gifted me with some beading supplies.

beads and beads

They came in these two boxes:

boxes of beads
Click here for the staggering stats!

My week has been so crazy, I haven't even opened them all the way yet, but I can guarantee that my beading supplies probably qualify as SABLE (Stash Acquisitions Beyond Life Expectancy). Thank you, Betsy! You have made my crafting season!!! (And to everyone in my family: count on something beaded in your stockings.)

In other news...

let me answer your question
The sign I wore to work.

So I fell of Mark's motorcycle and broke my "elbow" in two places (the nurse seemed very perturbed when I said "the elbow isn't a bone, could you be more specific?") There's a *tiny* hairline fracture in my humerus (no, it isn't at all) and a regular fracture in my ulna (the outer forearm bone). They didn't even cast me, just a splint that the doc said I would need to start taking off within 3 days to encourage my joint to regain its flexibility. I am not sure if that arm will ever hyperextend again, but that's probably something I can live with.

The splint, and a brave face for the nurses
Getting the hook up at the doctor's, the meds are treating me right.

all slinged up w/ the pain meds wearing off
Later, when the meds wore off.

Last Wednesday, I went with some friends to the Melvins.

Mel, Jesse, Merilee

Sparks tongue!

It rocked, but that wasn't even close to the highlight of the week, 'cause on Thursday, I got to see my bf on stage. He is the newest bassist for the Moistboyz.

Allow me to brag:

M and S
Mark's on the left...

a smile
Mark in the background, with the lead singer Dickie.

Moistboyz - Travis County
Trippy lights

in the pocket
Mark and Stephen on guitar

Moistboyz - Travis County
Band shot -- Tomato and B-Ill from the Sound of Urchin filled in on drums and lead guitar, respectively.

Some of the friends that came out for the show.

Moistboyz crowd
The crowd was sizeable and high energy.

I am so happy for my guy. He looked like a natural and sounded like a pro. He's been busting his ass to make this happen, and if all goes well they will be opening for Helmet in Houston on Halloween. I can't wait!

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