Monday, May 14, 2007

Pirates, bikes, and enabling

The weekend started off right with some pirate action. A friend of mine is a CSI in Austin, and this last week was "city employee appreciation week." She was a doll and invited me and a few other friends along to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in Zilker Park on Friday evening.

pirate group shot

On Saturday, I rode the Danskin bike course with my training group. We had to be at Decker Lake ready to ride at 7 am.

clearly too early
(this is what "way too early" does to my otherwise poised and polished look (bwahahahaha))

halfway there!
Here we are, halfway done, getting some advice on our anaerobic capacity and how it relates to the hill coming up (short version: it will kick our ass, so be prepared).

knitting stops for nothingAfter the 12 mile bike ride, Rachel wanted to bounce some ideas off me re/ her clapotis. (Isn't the yarn LOVELY??)

On Saturday afternoon, I started to fix this:
dropped stitch!
I dropped a stitch about a mile away from the current progress. Should I ladder it up or just tack it down w/ some spare yarn? Any thoughts?

Sunday was for swimming. There will be NO pics of that. But I did get a good workout in, and then at home w/ my BBE I started a new project. Which is RIDICULOUS. But I will post pics of that tomorrow.

Between swimming and startitis, I made a quick trip to my LYS to help a new knittin pal get some gear for two new projects. Maybe she will post about them in Ravelry (hint, hint, if you're out there, R). I showed remarkable restraint at the wall of Koigu. Also in the bins of angora. Side note: I would REALLY like a bed made of a silk/angora blend.

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