Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not even gonna try to catch up

I know, its been ages. I heard all about it from at least one someone while at good ole MDS$W.

Yep, I made it out there owing to a carefully-timed last-minute work trip. I have the usual host of funny pics and new stash... But I won't be throwing them up today.

I have also finished a couple of things...

The Short n Sweet from the Happy Hooker

Some new wristers based on my ribbed mitts pattern (but without all the ribs, so the colorway gets center stage)

A new pattern, my Valentines fingerless gloves. I am not sure if I will ever write this up nicely, but if I do, I might want to sell it here... Would anyone out there pay $3 for a pdf of this saucy lil number?

So, I am moving (still in Austin) and doing Triathlon again this year, and travelling a LOT for work, and blah blah blah... All of these things have kept me from the blog. But there is a new toy in town that will maybe get me BACK to the blog...


It really is great, but it still isn't completely wide open for sign ups. I know this is a drag, but Jess and Casey have other jobs, and it wouldn't be so very great if they weren't devoting every minute of their spare time to it already. Please be patient with them... Trust me, the party will still be going on when everyone gets there. In the meantime, shoot me an email if you have any questions about the site. I am not an expert, but have been spending a bit too much time there already.

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