Thursday, May 10, 2007

Appletinis, crackers, and pie: a MDS$W recap

First off, I bought some stuff. But overall I did a pretty good job of sticking to my budget. One of these years I am going to go w/ cash and see how I really do.

Some Brooks Duet

The dreamy Tess Laceweight... what a great marketing ploy: gradient grab bags!

Of COURSE some sock yarn.

Other items that didn't make the photoshoot: Some festival schwag, a Sheep to Shoe kit (damn you, Jess, for saying they aren't available online... I was *so close* to not buying any fiber... but thank you for saying it, too, cause I love love love my colorway), a nostepinne for my drop spindle work (can someone please tell me how to pronounce that), and some gifts for friends. I love to enable.

But the fiber (imho) isn't even half the fun. It's the people.

1. Mini meetup part deux, 2. Awww. A lil breakfast kumbaya, 3. Ladies, show me your socks!, 4. Rossana and Lara get down w/ some lamb pita, 5. Lara, Paula, and Betsy at Bob Evans, 6. How many blog pics are being taken here?, 7. That's what friends are for, 8. Betsy and Jess at Breakfast, 9. Spinning right off the rabbit

And the VERY best part? Getting to hang with my best knitty pal:

(Maybe you had to be there...)

I can't wait for next year!

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