Friday, May 11, 2007

Arts n Drafts!

There's a new crafty meetup in Austin: Rio Rita's Arts and Drafts!

The best part about it is that ALL crafts are welcome... And they really do show up! Last night, Trey was sanding down steel handles that he had welded for his handmade barbeque pit! His friend, Shanti, was crocheting an afghan, 4 or 5 of us were knitting, Donya was weaving a basket, Mimi was doing needlepoint... Other visitors have taken a seat and started beading, quilting, or even printmaking (on a Gocco).

Here is my very blurry shot of Donya showing Shanti how a basket handle is made...

And here are Ramona, Rachel, and Mimi very engrossed in their needlearts:

Ramona is making a basketweave scarf out of Rowan's Polarspun, Rachel is making a Kitty Pi from some Noro, and Mimi is needlepointing a small stocking in multicolored thread (it is gorgeous). You can see my Clapotis on the edge of the table. I am working it in the undroppable Brooks Primero.

So far, it is impossible to just "drop" the stitches (rather, one must sort of fling them) and it sheds so much that I may never wear it. But it is fun to knit. The yarn is gorgeous, the pattern is easily memorized and even picking stitches out of mohair has its meditative quality.

Anyone else ever knit anything functionally ridiculous (and love every minute of it)?

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