Thursday, February 22, 2007

Debbie Stoller!

Last night I got to meet a famous knittter!

Muggin for the camera
isn't she the cutest??

Debbie Stoller came to my new LYS (Hill Country Weavers), and was signing the book that includes my first published pattern.

Deb Stoller signing at Hill Country

It's the Happy Hooker, and you can see hooked up versions of my pattern here, and here (that I know of)... If you know about more, holla atcha girl!

There are some very cute patterns in this book... I am thinking of trying a lil lacy cardigan-lette with the Vittadini yarn that failed miserably as a top down cardigan. The yarn was a swap from Rossana, and I have all the faith in the world it is *good and obedient* yarn, I just havent' found the right pattern. Cross your fingers that short and sweet is it!

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