Thursday, February 22, 2007

Debbie Stoller!

Last night I got to meet a famous knittter!

Muggin for the camera
isn't she the cutest??

Debbie Stoller came to my new LYS (Hill Country Weavers), and was signing the book that includes my first published pattern.

Deb Stoller signing at Hill Country

It's the Happy Hooker, and you can see hooked up versions of my pattern here, and here (that I know of)... If you know about more, holla atcha girl!

There are some very cute patterns in this book... I am thinking of trying a lil lacy cardigan-lette with the Vittadini yarn that failed miserably as a top down cardigan. The yarn was a swap from Rossana, and I have all the faith in the world it is *good and obedient* yarn, I just havent' found the right pattern. Cross your fingers that short and sweet is it!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stitch n Bitch: Austin-style

I have no pictures of the s'n'b tonight. Maybe I will be less shy next time about whipping out the Canon.

But I did meet Judy, CJ, Allison, and Lisa (no blogs that were 'fessed to). And I did finish the first 8 bind-off rows for the armscyes on my Jems Diamonique. You may not remember it, since it has been freaking forever since I worked on it. Rest assured, it will be ready for THIS summer.

It is time for a new look for this here blog. Any recommendations on a reliable designer who might work for yarn?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby (now with even MORE pictures)

This post is brought to you by a high pressure system of cold air and precipitation, and a severe case of cabin fever. I have been in a hotel room for most of two days now... Here's how I got here.

Last Sunday, I headed north for work... While on the plane, I finished up some socks for my Valentine:

socks for bbe

And as soon as I got to my hotel, I finished up a hat for Valentine's Dad:

finished hat

The next night, the snow started:

In the snow
I didn't make the hat, it was a gift

And later that evening I met up with one of the stylish and talented locals:

color coordination
The locals really know how to coordinate

We had some tasty sushi and fried ice cream. The snow continued, and the fancy local and I met up the next night for a carb fest of noodles:

pasta party

And the next morning... this morning, the airports were closed, my flight was rescheduled. And I started some new wristers:

new wristers
The holiday inspired the cable pattern, if they rock I will post the finished pattern

Today, I have been working off a laptop and a cellphone. I am stir crazy. My hotel has no workout facility so I am completely keyed up. Hopefully my flight will take off tomorrow and I can see my cats and my BBE soon.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Currently rocking my world...

Today's post is brought to you by my terrible, terrible shopping habit. There has been knitting, though not much, but I have no pictures of that.

My new Guess flats. So skimmer-y. So dotted!

First, I don't have cable... So if you already KNOW how funny this cartoon is, then please speak up. If not, well then I would like to aim a general HAHAHA in your direction. It is a well-drawn and very well-written spoof of superheroes, boy detectives, mad scientists, and evil lairs. It definitely features adult themes, so not for the kiddies. But if you miss Putty's deep voice from the Tick, he's back as Brock Sampson, bodyguard extrodinaire!

Alright, this one isn't rocking my world YET... but I finally succumbed to the borg, and one of these is on its way...

She'll even be personalized! SWOON.

It is a little silly, sure. But I am digging my new almost-bangs.

I know it doesn't LOOK like I am stoked, but that's mostly because I am at work.

Also, the following CDs are rotating wildly in my car right now:

('Cause some days I'm a little bit country and some days I'm a little bit rock and roll, and SOME days I just need to groove a little.)

Other super cool things... Tri season is about to start again! I am going to start my swim workouts next month, then in April I will tackle the bike and running again. I am hoping that my run work outs this fall will help me save a bit of time on the run. Also, I have a trip coming up to one of my old neighborhoods, and will hopefully get to see some of my old knitty pals.

And of course...

BBE! <3 Rocking the bass (and me).