Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby (now with even MORE pictures)

This post is brought to you by a high pressure system of cold air and precipitation, and a severe case of cabin fever. I have been in a hotel room for most of two days now... Here's how I got here.

Last Sunday, I headed north for work... While on the plane, I finished up some socks for my Valentine:

socks for bbe

And as soon as I got to my hotel, I finished up a hat for Valentine's Dad:

finished hat

The next night, the snow started:

In the snow
I didn't make the hat, it was a gift

And later that evening I met up with one of the stylish and talented locals:

color coordination
The locals really know how to coordinate

We had some tasty sushi and fried ice cream. The snow continued, and the fancy local and I met up the next night for a carb fest of noodles:

pasta party

And the next morning... this morning, the airports were closed, my flight was rescheduled. And I started some new wristers:

new wristers
The holiday inspired the cable pattern, if they rock I will post the finished pattern

Today, I have been working off a laptop and a cellphone. I am stir crazy. My hotel has no workout facility so I am completely keyed up. Hopefully my flight will take off tomorrow and I can see my cats and my BBE soon.

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