Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The lack of regular posting...

...Is probably not going to end any time soon. What's that all about? I do have more things going on, but there are other WAY more busy knitters out there who manage to find the time.

I take so long to post, that I end up with this GINORMOUS post all about the last MONTH, and I mean, come on, its not like I was on safari or anything.

So, in lieu of the GIANT post, I will try (TRY) to post a few leetle ones. This one will have startlingly few pictures. And none of them will be mine. (It's about baby steps...)

After the Jack's Generic Tri of the last post, I took a scant six days off and then did this:

Click image for larger size
I am *so* not smiling here

I had no cheering section at this race, I was overtired from the last tri and a failure to RECOVER beforehand, and had an all around crummy time. Thank gawd it was the last tri of the season!

But, does that mean I am going to get all fat and lazy over the winter? NO! I have already started half-marathon training. Because I am crazy. And also, kind of digging this whole athlete thing. Also, because I am hoping that running will MAYBE just a LITTLE get me to looking more like an athlete. I am getting tired of the surprised-eyebrows I get when I tell people that I finished three triathlons this summer. "Really? YOU did?" or "Huh. I thought they were really HARD?" (I always want to say something like, 'Do you think they AREN'T hard now or something?')

Anyway. Running. It is slow going (I jog for 3 mins, walk for 1), but I did 4 miles last weekend and have 5 this weekend. I am going to be adding in some much needed strength training this week.

As far as knitting goes... There has been some, really! But also, sadly some frogging. As I alluded to in pictures last week, my top down raglan...

[As an aside: This is a hotlink... How do folks feel about hotlinks from commercial sites? Still stealing, or driving traffic their way?]

...was frogged. The armscyes were too huge. There was so much room in the arm area, in fact, it would have been a great sweater for my favorite religious icon. Although, really, would cotton be the right complement to a necklace of severed heads? Maybe not. I like how a top down allows you to check fit as you go in theory. But perhaps I don't really get how it is supposed to work. Next time I will do more research beforehand.

Meanwhile, I am cruising along on two projects, and they are both nearing the finish line.

First, my suede bolero. I think in a previous post I gave the wrong impression about the pattern. It has several "at the same time"s in the directions and I maybe sounded like I don't like those. While they aren't my favorite (and if your pattern has a row gauge, they should be avoidable) they usually indicate that I am knitting a super shapely piece of fabric, which I dig. What I am less a fan of (and I know that publishers often inflict this one on designers who try to do better by their readers) is the "complete left side as right side, reversing shaping." Then I gotta get out graph paper and chocolate and figure out if I want the left slants to be lumpy psso decreases or joggy sl2/k2togs... etc. I am in the middle of that now. Up until this point, the pattern has been easy to follow and has produced some GREAT looking pieces. The left front is my last piece.

Second is a LONG overdue gift for my mom. It is this pattern (that used to be available free, thank gawd I printed a copy!) I am using two colors of Koigu KPPPM. Pics to follow. I have about 10 rows to go... They are long rows, but I only have one more "complex" one and the rest should fly by.

OK. In the next post, I will maybe tell you about the superfuntimes I had at ACL fest two weekends ago. And possibly about the movie I saw with a good friend and around 30 strangers (why is this noteworthy? 'cause one of the strangers was the director).

And hopefully, I will get some pictures up.

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