Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The weekend, in pictures

Friday night, BBE and I went to see a friend's band:

It was (as always) fantastic. (Hint: If you go to their myspace page you can hear a few tracks... They have a unique and also tasty sound.)

Saturday, I ran some errands, and had one last practice workout.

On Sunday, sadly, this:

Became this:

(more on this later)

And also my helpers help me pack:

For Monday. BBE and I woke up at 4:30 am and drove 30 miles so I could do this:

(500m swim, 14.8mi bike, 5k walk/jog -- Here I have finished the bike and am about to head out for the run. I think I beat my Danskin time by about 15 mins, more on this later, too)

And who was the Best Ever all morning, being calm and supportive in the face of seemingly millions of mini-disasters?

Best. Ever.

Lastly, after a nap and a most delicious Southern Fried Chicken dinner (the best part of the tri? Maybe) BBE and I dragged ourselves out to meet some friends for one more show, complete with entertaining dancing performed by others (I was too tired and also too intimidated).

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