Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I almost forgot the really COOL news

But first, a knitting update.

I finished three more rows on Mom's scarf (only 7 to go). Here are some pics:

All 350+ stitches...

And a close up of the Koigu:

The colors are pretty true on my monitor, maybe a bit deeper in person.

Now for the OTHER news... With pictures!

In honor of finishing my first triathlon, I really wanted to get flames painted on my car. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to, but apparently, this is not free. So instead, I decided to memorialize my tri success more personally... Well, let me tell you in pictures.

My beat up legs did a lot this summer. They look it!

JonZig gets to business...

Half-way point... And oh yes, I am doing fine!

I have stars upon thars!

Since these pics were taken, the tatts have healed up nicely, and look GREAT. This will give the newbies next year something to look at while I ZOOM past....

[Many thanks to BBE for capturing the process on film.]

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