Sunday, August 27, 2006

Guess what I got?

Hint #1.
It was a gift from the BBE*

It also has an "underwater" setting that does groovy things to lights when one is not in fact underwater. Damn, he's cute!

Hint #2.
It allows one to play papparazzi with the locals

A little peace, please? Don't make me come over there.

Someone get this thing away from her! She's driving me nuts!

Hint #3.
It has some really cool effects. (Images cropped, but not retouched.)

color enhance

black and white

color swap

high speed (image from the TV of a racecar getting a flat at over 100 mph)

Didja give up yet? Here it is. BBE wanted me to be able to post knittng pics again. Does he rock or what?? I'll get on those knit pics soon. Including 70% complete Neck-down short sleeve cardi and 50% completion on the LB Suede Bolero. (Speaking of which, has anyone else made this?)

*Best Boyfriend Ever

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