Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Don't be alarmed

But there has been an accident. Two in fact.

Number one (last week) was totally my fault. It was early, I wasn't looking and well. Everyone needs a first accident; at least no one was hurt.

But number two! On my way to the repair shop some idiot makes a stupid failure-to-yield type mistake and nearly causes me to injure his passenger. (Luckily, I did NOT.) I think he got a ticket, and lost an entire side panel on his car. You can see that my butch girl Betty got but a scratch thanks to my heavy breakin' foot and her sturdy jaw. Again, no one was hurt ('cept my driving confidence).

Sigh. Sometimes it was a lot better being too scared to drive at all.

But wait! That's not the alarming news!

I have pics of WIPs!

First, the Bolero (designed by the fabulous Lauren)

The (very shapely) back is done as are the sleeves. I just cast on for the right side tonight. Now I remember why I put this down... The right front has some crazy two side shaping (including at least one "at the same time") al a Salt Peanuts. When it comes time to cast on for the Left side? "Repeat as for Right front, reversing shaping." GRR! If I am not back in two weeks send chocolate and graph paper.

WIP numero dos is the Summer Cardigan by Pure and Simple (#221, half way down the page). I am using some Vittadini Miranda I received in a yarn swap.

I have finished the body and am working on the first sleeve. I am pretty worried about running out of yarn. Also, no clue about buttons yet.

Why My Knit Buds are the Best EVER
Since I have a camera now, let me do some long overdue bragging, and show you the amazing gift I got from Amy MONTHS ago for my birthday:

It's a Chelsea bag by Amy Butler! (How fitting!) It is so well-made, I love it! It is currently holding the Summer Cardi.

The outside is a beautiful black on black fabric. But even better is the lining fabric (and really, don't be alarmed):

Can I get a "Yee-haw"?

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