Thursday, August 31, 2006

Have you seen this yet?

I am not sure how much of it is actually knit... But, jeez I wish You Knit What was still around, I am sure punk rock knitter and knittykitty would have some choice words.

A sock monkey dress, from Hazel and Melvin's Room!

Read the newsstory (and see the designer's sock monkey evening gown) here. If you watch the video, you can hear about her plans for a bikini.

I think if I were to design a wearable based on my nostalgic youth, I would probably have to go with a lincoln log purse. Or possibly a boggle necklace.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Don't be alarmed

But there has been an accident. Two in fact.

Number one (last week) was totally my fault. It was early, I wasn't looking and well. Everyone needs a first accident; at least no one was hurt.

But number two! On my way to the repair shop some idiot makes a stupid failure-to-yield type mistake and nearly causes me to injure his passenger. (Luckily, I did NOT.) I think he got a ticket, and lost an entire side panel on his car. You can see that my butch girl Betty got but a scratch thanks to my heavy breakin' foot and her sturdy jaw. Again, no one was hurt ('cept my driving confidence).

Sigh. Sometimes it was a lot better being too scared to drive at all.

But wait! That's not the alarming news!

I have pics of WIPs!

First, the Bolero (designed by the fabulous Lauren)

The (very shapely) back is done as are the sleeves. I just cast on for the right side tonight. Now I remember why I put this down... The right front has some crazy two side shaping (including at least one "at the same time") al a Salt Peanuts. When it comes time to cast on for the Left side? "Repeat as for Right front, reversing shaping." GRR! If I am not back in two weeks send chocolate and graph paper.

WIP numero dos is the Summer Cardigan by Pure and Simple (#221, half way down the page). I am using some Vittadini Miranda I received in a yarn swap.

I have finished the body and am working on the first sleeve. I am pretty worried about running out of yarn. Also, no clue about buttons yet.

Why My Knit Buds are the Best EVER
Since I have a camera now, let me do some long overdue bragging, and show you the amazing gift I got from Amy MONTHS ago for my birthday:

It's a Chelsea bag by Amy Butler! (How fitting!) It is so well-made, I love it! It is currently holding the Summer Cardi.

The outside is a beautiful black on black fabric. But even better is the lining fabric (and really, don't be alarmed):

Can I get a "Yee-haw"?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Guess what I got?

Hint #1.
It was a gift from the BBE*

It also has an "underwater" setting that does groovy things to lights when one is not in fact underwater. Damn, he's cute!

Hint #2.
It allows one to play papparazzi with the locals

A little peace, please? Don't make me come over there.

Someone get this thing away from her! She's driving me nuts!

Hint #3.
It has some really cool effects. (Images cropped, but not retouched.)

color enhance

black and white

color swap

high speed (image from the TV of a racecar getting a flat at over 100 mph)

Didja give up yet? Here it is. BBE wanted me to be able to post knittng pics again. Does he rock or what?? I'll get on those knit pics soon. Including 70% complete Neck-down short sleeve cardi and 50% completion on the LB Suede Bolero. (Speaking of which, has anyone else made this?)

*Best Boyfriend Ever

Thursday, August 10, 2006

There have been some complaints...

... about my recent "one post per month" schedule. Well. Let me 'splain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Boyfriend + Triathlons + Busted up camera = no knitting posts

That is NOT to say there is no knitting going on... Au contraire. I am working on the following:

  1. Surprise knit that I can't discuss.

  2. Crazy Regia Stretch socklettes for my sassy cousin.

  3. Knitting Pure n Simple Neck-down short sleeve cardigan (in some Vittadini cotton tape that I scored at Ann's legendary swap).

  4. Cute double thick cotton pot holders

And then there's the stuff that I need to finish:
  • That LB Suede Bolero from forever ago

  • Punk rock socks for my rock n roller buddy

  • Mom's scarf (I am the worst daughter ever)

  • Baby blanket (hopefully before she starts preschool)

  • Square neck tank that used to be work-knitting (before that became inappropriate)

Damn. Then there was that recent trip to Atlanta, where I got to see two really faboo knitters. And then the birthday presents that were never documented (partly because SOMEONE was supposed to send me pictures of them, partly 'cause I am a slacker).

Plus a couple of up-coming triathlons and possibly a new training program for a [gulp] half marathon.

And yes, I need a new camera.