Monday, May 08, 2006

Yeah, well... I had fun *too*

...even though I was not at the Fiber Crack capital of Knitty State this weekend. I can't wait to see the pics and hear the tales. I know I will be sad that I turned down the trip when I am assaulted with all the superhappyfuntimes, but I regret nothing!

First the training update...

Tues - Tried to swim, but was lightening'd out.
Weds - 15-20 min swim (50m warm up, 100m drills, 200m swim), Tri class - Run (which I almost entirely walked) 50 minutes. I had to stay in zone 3 and I can still only jog for about 30 - 45 secs before I pop up too high. My recovery time seems to be shortening though.
Thurs - Rest Day
Fri - Horrible, horrible, scary food poisoning. I was out all day and lost 5 pounds by the time it was over. That's all I have to say about that.
Sat - Slacker, see also Friday and some recovery time.
Sun - Walk/Jog - 5 min warm up, jog/walk intervals for 25 min, quick walk (staying about 150-160 bpm) 25 mins, 5 min cool down.


So, what could possibly make me miss a wool festival? Well a boy, surely. Actually, two boys, a band, and a bunch of amazing women (if only they knit, too...).

An old friend from high school came into town (here he is as the ultimate tourist on Sixth Street...)

Originally we were supposed to spend every freakin' minute together, but between the food poisoning and a subtle shift in some interpersonal stuff, he ended up spending most of the weekend with his two best guy friends.

Instead, I spent most of my time with a new friend (M)* (seen here after a bike ride, notice my cool little front door and that giant-ass cat that was so recently a cutey-cute kitten)

So, Friday began at 4 in the morning with the previously mentioned violent food poisoning gore-fest. This lasted nearly til lunch (not that I had any). I roused myself only long enough to go pick up my buddy from the airport. I dropped him off downtown with his friends and went home and back to bed. I was supposed to go to the first of two rock shows that night. Instead, M came over and made me drink juice and generally took care of me while I slept and slept and slept.

On Saturday, as part of my recovery, M took me to a yarn shop for some needles. I don't know where all my circs are (yes, still some boxes need to be unpacked). Wait, before I go on, did you catch that? 'Cause it did go kind of fast... Let me give you a replay: M took me to a yarn shop. Some bring the yarn to you, some bring you to the yarn. Either way, it's all good. We also went cowboy boot shopping and both walked out with some beautiful boots. Pics later.

That night, feeling fully recovered I went to a killer show.

Tiny club + pyrotechnics + headbanging = rockin-ass-good-time!

SINIS was playing a much needed reunion show. How can Austin be having a good time on such a regular basis without more of Dave & Jordan's brand of kick-ass showmanship?? All I know is that I hope they do it again soon. (And I don't really even like much hard rock. That's how good of a show it was.)

While in the bathroom at above show, a girl was talking about the roller derby on the following night. I replied how my life would be just a little less full for not being able to attend the sold out smackdown. And wouldn't you know it? She is "team support" for the Hustlers! She sold me tickets on the spot.

It came from Up North! Here I am flanked by a few of the fabulous ladies of the Derby Liberation Front (the NW may have my heart, but I live in TX now, and I am glad my girls in the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers stomped them).

Damn, the rollergirls are hot! I am now reconsidering the whole boxing thing, and may just be taking skate lessons after the race...

So anyway. It wasn't a wool fest. And I missed seeing some amazing friends. But, I did alright on my own. And I will definitely be at Rhinebeck.

*No, I will not be holding any contests or anything. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

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