Monday, May 15, 2006

Training and Good TImes

First, I was lucky enough to have dinner with three fabulous ladies last night. I am in Atlanta on business and Carrie, her sister Cathy, and Anne Marie made the longass drive to share some fried green tomatoes and wildly inappropriate dinner conversations with me. Both good AND fun times. AM had the camera, so maybe there is some evidence.

Now onto training.
Week four was our recovery week and I took that to heart and totally slacked off the whole week. I will be paying for it this week.

Tuesday - Swim 45 mins, 800 m (incl 50 m warm up, 100 m drills, 50 m cool down). The humidity was really high and it was hot as hell, so swimming was HARD. I felt like a loser until I got out of the pool and still had trouble getting a deep breath with all the damp and haze.
Wednesday - Bike 60 mins, 9+ miles. We did a 7.5 mile loop which I finished in about 40 mins then a cool down that was supposed to be a 4 mile loop but my group didn't do the whole thing. The first half was excruciating, but that was apparently due to really bad wind (I have no frame of reference, so I was just discouraged until I heard everyone bitching about it at the end).
And that was it! I can't believe I blew the whole rest of the week, but there you go. I did dance to some excellent 80s music on Saturday, but not enough to count as a run workout.

Week 5 is supposed to be a toughie, and it will be tricky what with travelling and all, but here it is so far:

Monday: Walk/Jog - 40 mins - Intervals. Five min warm up, then I tried to keep my heart rate at the low end of zone 3 for 5 mins and then the high end for 5 mins. I did 3 rounds then a 5 min cool down. The best part? I am walking and jogging pretty equally now. My heart rate is dropping much faster so I can pick up the pace more frequently. And during my cool down I got to an all time low of 115. (Used to only be able to get down to 135 in those 5 mins. (Thank you, years of smoking))

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