Sunday, May 21, 2006

Holy Crap!

I have actual knitting to post!

An almost complete jaywalker pair (in the bag) and 3/4 of the back of a shell in Classic Elite's Premiere... The softest pima cotton/tencel blend ever!

I have been having gauge issues, such that the shell may turn out too large. I was knitting too tight, but had picked too large a size (with all the training I am shrinking a bit). I did the math, and it should have turned out perfectly. But after binding off for the armholes I am back at the too large size. Here's hoping that the seaming and also washing will help. Plus, the pattern isn't meant to be skin tight. (Like all my favorite T's lately.)

The sock got some attention on the plane today, while I flew into Ft. Lauderdale (on business, unfortunately). I am hoping to finish it this trip, and at least the current skank on the shell--which should get me through most of a strap.

Training update:

Tues 5/16 - Swim - 20 mins. Coldest pool in Atlanta EVER. It was *maybe* 60 degrees out and the pool was unheated. I couldn't do freestyle, but managed to stay in by backstroking--but only for 20 minutes.
Weds 5/17 - Run - Tri-training. Hills. I did 6 rounds of the "level 1" distance and then did 3 rounds of the half-distance (running backwards). My heart rate was spiking a bit uphill, but I did finish 6 rounds (most of the level 1s stopped at 4 or 5).
Thurs 5/18 - Rest. Unplanned. Why is Thurs so hard for me to make happen??
Fri 5/19 - Bike - Did 7.94 miles in 45 minutes riding around the neighborhood. I need to get more non-stop time in. Hoping to do that this weekend when I get back into town. My new seat and pedals are helping immensely. The pedals on my hybrid were very narrow and my feet would often slip off during hills/drastic gear shifts. Now the little bumps on the pedals grab my shoe soles a bit better. (I am not ready for clips, so don't even mention them. I know all about how much better they are for racing, but hello? Feet locked in? SCARY. Maybe when I do the Tour de France (see also: never))
Sat 5/20 - Swim & Bike - In the morning I did my first open water swim with all 200 of the other trainees (there are only about 40 women in my group, but on Saturday all the groups came together). It was terrifying and I really sucked at it and actually thought "What the hell was I thinking to try this crazy triathlon thing?" But apparently that is a common response to the first open water swim, so I just need to practice more. We did one loop just under 400m then a mass start at around 150m and then I did a second mass start (yay me for fighting the Fear) but cut it about 25m short. So about 675m. I needed to grab a noodle the first round twice (on account of freaking out and hyperventilating) and dog paddled at least half the distance. Word to the wise: Dog paddling? Not the most efficient stroke. Dog paddling is not in the Olympics for a reason. But me? With panicking about murky lake water and the waves and splashing of 100 women's limbs? I wanted my head WAY out of the water. I am going to try nose plugs this weekend (next try at the open water) and see if that helps.

Later that night I did 4.6 miles on the bike to (and from) an excellent outdoor showing of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (biking in got you half-price admission) along with the new b/f and a friend of his. Then we biked back in the dark (first for me). We stayed in bike lanes mostly, but were on busier streets, and I clocked myself at one point pedaling flat ground at 18 mph (also first).
Sunday 5/21 - REST DAY
Monday 5/22 - Swim/Bike brick workout. [A brick workout is when you string two events together in the same order they will be on race day. You can do a Swim-Bike brick or a Bike-Run brick.] The pool here at the hotel is only 16yds long (drag) which I didn't know until AFTER my workout. But I ended up doing approx 688yds in 27 minutes with the following breakdown: warm up 2 laps, drills 4 laps, easy pace 2 laps, medium pace 2 laps, fast pace 2 laps, (2 minute rest) then repeat the easy-med-fast in 1.5 lap rounds, (2 min rest), then repeat the easy-med-fast in 1 lap rounds, then cool down 2 laps. If the pool had been 25 yards that would have been a killer f'in workout: over 1000yds. But no. (It also would have taken a helluva lot longer than 27 minutes!

Then I made a slow transition to the hotel workout room where the only bike was a recumbent (o the humanity!) But I still put in 20 minutes and almost 5 miles (on the "hill climb" setting). I started out at 90 rpm... Which is where the coaches say we should be, but it dropped down to the 70s after about 5 minutes and got as low as 55 when I was at "resistance level 13" (aka the top of the hill). So. Not as kick ass of a first brick as I would have liked, but I did it nonetheless. I want to be able to average at least 15 mph on race day (16 would be nice, but I am going to be tired after the swim).

Other things lately:

I had lots of fun at an 80s party. There was kareoke and many off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and leggings. Did you know that the 80s are totally back? I for one am glad, cause I never got to dress this cool in junior high, but I totally wanted to.

The Violent Femmes show was good (of course). Afterwards M and I caught the Flametrick Subs featuring the oh-so-hot Satan's Cheerleaders. What a great beer-soaked adventure. But now I am torn... Do I want to be a girl-boxer, a roller-girl, or a devilish go-go dancer? Decisions, decisions.

Lastly, in the fabulous boyfriend department:

My blog, my eye candy. This is M at the aforementioned bike-in movie. Super. Fun. Times. (And also three cheers for moving back to Texas!)

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