Thursday, May 25, 2006


Training On the Road is not easy to do. I was supposed to practice open water swimming, but here in Ft. Lauderdale that can be... more risk than I am willing to take. So instead, I have been confined to the hotel gym.

Monday was the aforementioned brick.
Tues - Run/Walk - I did the race distance (3.1) miles in 43:05 (including a 2 min warm up). This is a record for me. I jogged more of the distance than walked -- this is easier on a treadmill, but I have never broken a 15 min mile before (being as though I have always been a "walking only" girl). My heart rate did spike up to the mid-zone 4 (but it was supposed to, so that is ok).
Weds - Slept in. Then did some stretching and abs.
Thurs - Bike - Again, I tried for (and finished) the race distance. Twelve Miles. Longest bike ride for me, ever. Eeek. It was, sadly, on a recumbent bike, but still. I did it in 53:09 with the first 30 mins on the "cross country" setting--which included some hills. My heart rate stayed below 160 for ninety percent of the ride. My legs don't have the strength to pump fast enough to get my heart into 4 on the recumbent. We'll see how it goes when I get back on the road (and back in a lake).

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