Saturday, May 27, 2006

Socks! Socks! Socks!

Finally! An FO...

Grumperina's famous jaywalkers, in Toni's famous yarn. (Constructed in a toe-up fashion, with ruffle around the ankle.)

Thank God I finished them in time for the 90+ degree weather!

Fri - Swim. Open water, 710m - 45mins. Not that great of a time, but my comfort level was better. I am a really weak swimmer apparently! I get so out of breath... But my workout buddy and I both noticed that our 3rd 200m was our best. So practice maybe does make "a bit better" if not perfect.

Tomorrow is my second brick workout, a bike-run... Only 2 weeks left!

Heading up the hill (but not yet over it)

And also, the fantastic M got me a birthday present (its on Monday, but neither of us could wait):

A lovely scented candle and cool dish for it... Perfect!

I will be 33 on Monday. Also, in unrelated news, I have signed up for another triathlon in July. Apparently "good sense" is the first to go when old age hits.

Have a great Memorial day, have some cake for me!

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