Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Catch up..

Tues (pm) (4/25)- Boxing class - 20 mins jump rope, 30 mins abs, 30 mins squats and combination drills. Hard but excellent last class!

Weds (4/26)- Tri training: Bike drills. We learned braking, turns, gear shifting, and riding in a straight line (harder than I would have thought). Light workout

Thurs (4/27)- Rest Day

Fri (4/28)- I was a slacker. :(

Sat (4/29)- Tri training: Swimming and bike skills. We learned how to change a flat and did about 300 m of drills in the pool

Sun (4/30)- Rest Day

Mon (5/1)- Bike 40 mins, 6+ miles. Easy ride. Just trying to get my mileage up.


Thurs - (4/27) The Yuppie Pricks and the Queers at Emo's. Good loud show!! Rawk and Roll

Sat - (4/29) The Drive by Truckers at Stubb's. Fan-freakin'-tastic.

The cats killed TWO balls of yarn last night after fishing them out of a box.

I will not be at MDS&W, but I will be at Rhinebeck. Have fun y'all, and buy some fiber for me!

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