Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I will understand

...if the knitters kick me out of all the knit rings. Because, yes. Still no knitting.

But there are workouts and music, oh yes there are!

Monday - Swim - 600m, 24 min. - 50m warm up, then 500m w/ 30 sec rest between each 50 --this means I rest only a second or two with no feet touching on the far side of the pool; heart rate stayed around 145-159 (perfect zone 3). Then 50m cool down. It is amazing how fast my hr slows in the pool! As soon as I stopped, it dropped right down to 130s... That doesn't happen with the "running."

Tuesday - Run/Walk - 25 mins, 1mi + (As in "mostly walk") I was supposed to keep my hr in zone 3, this was impossible to do with anymore than 30 sec bursts of jogging. Color me disappointed. I did a 6 min warm up, then a 16 min mile then a 3 min cool down. It is crazy that my mile was a minute faster, even though I was running much less. The heart rate monitor keeps me from slowing WAY down after a run/jog interval, so this is maybe where I made up some time? I did not do the drills that we are supposed to do before running, as there were like 12 hot guys all milling around the track waiting to start their fireman's workout or something and I was just too self conscious to do butt kicks, skipping, and "high knees" -- this is lame, I know.

In Music News:
The following tickets have been purchased this week (which means I will be eating top ramen and [gasp] conventional produce til Friday):

Drive by Truckers at Stubb's this weekend. (One of yesterday's recommendations and then I saw they would be here on Saturday... How great is that? And yes, I will be wearing a cowboy hat.)

Violent Femmes at Stubb's on May 18th. Sing it with me: Share a smoke, make a joke, grasp and reach for a leg of hope. Words to memorize, words hypnotize, words make my mouth exercise, words all fail the magic prize: nothing I can say when I'm in your: _______.

And last but oh so NOT least: ACL baby. I was a slacker and had to pay a lot for the tickets, but at least I got 'em. Here are some rumors about this year's lineup (though no official one has been posted yet). I am crushed that my secret boyfriend Eddie (we like to keep our sweet sweet love out of the hands of the cruel press) will not be playing, but if Prince shows up, I just might be able to enjoy myself anyway. I can't believe I have to wait out the whole damn summer for this one! Will I make it? We'll see!

Lastly. I have been daydreaming about a way to spend some of my fall or winter. I know some of it will be spent amidst wooly delights. But the rest... Maybe. Possibly? Somewhere tropical?

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