Saturday, April 15, 2006

A week of training (and not a lick of knitting)

Tues - Boxing class (20 mins jump rope, 35 mins abs, 35 mins partner drills) Oh how I hate the jumping of the rope! Today was the first day that I could attempt the "boxer shuffle" step - my foot must be 90% healed. I seriously sucked at the shuffle. Wasn't this easier about 20 years ago? Made it through most of the abs class. Still have to have my knees down for the 5 mins of plank pose.

Weds - Tri - heart rate tests (60 mins walking, jogging, stair-stepping - v. light)

Thurs - Bike (20 mins, 2.4 miles - rpe 6) First real bike ride. Rode to Chris'(yahoo says it's 2.4 miles) stopped for a few mins at Mark's. I was sweaty and only very slightly winded when I got to Mark's, but there were a lot of starts and stops. I totally forgot to wear the heart rate monitor, but the adrenaline of riding on actual roads with cars probably would've given me a false read anyway. Skipped boxing tonight.

Sat - Walk/Jog (30 mins, 1.5 miles - 17 min mile, 89° - 31% humidity) I came home red as a lobster. And it is only April! What the hell am I gonna do in June?! For next time -- jogging at 5:30 pm is probably not the coolest option. The sky was hazy and it felt pretty damn warm. I jogged every other quarter mile - even that had my heart rate up into my 85% range.

Favorite albums this week:

The right music makes all the difference for driving. This one is awesome, though it does make me speed a little.

If you were a Bauhaus fan, you will probably like the nice retro-goth sound of this album. Thanks to Lara for the introduction to these guys.

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