Friday, April 21, 2006

Most of a week of training and the word of the week

Tuesday - Bike 4.2 miles, 35-40 mins. My heart rate was between 145 - 181 depending on the incline. It was a pretty good ride.
Wednesday - Tri training, 2 hours. More heart rate stuff. Did some running drills and jogging. Pretty light day, but the heat had me soaked at the end.
Thursday - Boxing, 1.5 hours. GREAT BOXING last night! I learned the uppercut and got to spar a little with one of the instructors (which meant I actually got to punch as hard as I could). I am sad that boxing gyms are so morally opposed to air conditioning 'cause I will not be able to deal with the heat during the summer, but I want to keep this up.
Friday - Today I am hoping to swim. Fingers crossed.
EDITED: 800 m in 35 mins - 45 sec breaks between laps... WOO!
Saturday - Tri-training, running drills.


First the blogosphere brought me skank. (Thank you, Ann.)

And now, from another Eastern Ann is my newest favorite: promiscuriousity.

I'm not sayin'--I'm just sayin'.

Favorite albums this week:

Sassy. Rawking. I don't know why I didn't check it out sooner.

Gritty Southern rock storytelling. It isn't polished, but that's why I dig it.

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