Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday's workout and UFOs

Sat - Tri training, .25 mi warm up, 15 mins of drills, 1.5 mi fit test (23 mins, hr 161-171 - lots of room for improvement!), .5 mi criss-cross workout (3 mins 144, 3 mins 157, 3 mins 144)

I have a few UFOs that need to be attended to... that last jaywalker, a pair of punk rock socks, and that suede bolero I started ages ago. I want to start a shell in some fine gauge cotton, but not til these others are done. I am going to set a goal to knit on the last jaywalker every day for just 10 mins until it is done. Then the bolero.

I hope to have some picture worthy stuff soon.

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