Monday, November 28, 2005

Ten things...

That I've done that you probably haven't. (I know, oldest meme in the world, but I wanted to try it.)

  1. Waited til I was nearly thirty to learn to drive.

  2. Hunkered down in dewy grass on a moonlit and mushroomy night and hooted at passing cars.

  3. Memorized an E.E. Cummings poem (and recited in times of stress to calm my nerves).

  4. Moved with my (now ex) husband from Portland OR to New Orleans LA with no job prospects, no housing, and no local friends. Just 'cause.

  5. Explored a supposedly haunted and definitely condemned Sanitorium with three top-40 DJs in the middle of the night.

  6. Tattooed my wedding ring (please see item 4).

  7. Saw the Reverend Horton Heat play live in 4 states (I can't believe I never caught him in Texas!!)

  8. Crawled through ancient dwellings in the Utah desert collecting totally contraband 3rd-phase Anasazi pottery shards.

  9. Trekked through Wyoming's Green River collecting totally contraband Eocene-era fish fossils.

  10. Caught and held (til the police could arrive) a 5-year old shoplifter (don't laugh, he had a razor blade and was slicing CD cases open and pocketing the disks!)
Also, in the New Discovery dept.:
I just took a peek at this: Anti-Craft! (Thanks, Bel!) And I am totally making one of those heart-shaped boxes... I love these crafty ladies.

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