Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who you gonna call (pt. 2)

Didja think I traipsed through another haunted house? Nope, but just as scary: it is DECEMBER, people! And I, who said there would be no Christmas knitting but for nephew #1's sweater, have become bogged down in it!

How did this happen? How will I get it all done?

If you too have these questions, might I suggest that you join me in calling: 1-877-SOS-KNIT (seriously, if you haven't called yet, DO IT NOW!)

Xmas knitting (that was never going to happen in the first g-damn place):

Sis' hat (done)Mom's scarf (55%)
Lil AR's scarf (done)Nephew #1s sweater (45%)
JR's socks (done)D's socks (50%)
 HR's mitts (0%)

Is it ridiculous? Possibly doable? Anyone? Bueller?


In the Way Less Stressful dept:
Amy and I went to a fantastic show last night! Iron & Wine with Calexico. This show was a little different in that the bands each did separate sets then a set together. If you haven't checked these folks out, get to it! Here are some downloads for your browsing pleasure:

Iron & Wine
- Live at Bonnaroo (gotta buy the whole set, but you can listen to snippets of the first three songs)
- The Creek Drank the Cradle (This is the Amazon link to my favorite album. Especially Muddy Hymnal - which Sam did not play, but I forgive him. You can listen to snippets here too.)
- You can download one of the tracks from the above album at Subpop. (More tracks can be found on each album in the catalog.)

- Black Light (All the shirts had this car on them, so I imagine this is what we heard the most of... I only had one Calexico track before the show, but now I want more)
- Stream several tracks on Epitonic.

Tonight, we are checking out Bettye Lavette (thanks for passing her on, Casey!) Will Amy and I survive two shows in one week? Who knows, maybe!

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