Monday, August 08, 2005

T-minus 5 days and counting...

I leave for my trip on Saturday morning. I probably won't be posting after Thursday, however. I have never gone on a trip like this, and am perhaps over-planning it.

All of the pieces of the Dolman are finished. They are pinned out today and will be steam blocked tonight. I have decided to follow the pattern and put the shoulder seams on the outside. I hope it looks ok when I am done!

I am also pondering what knitting to take along. I would like to bring some lace and a pair of socks. Possibly a cable-scarf. Does this sound like way too much for 10 days? Too little? The flight to Alaska is like 14 hours with wait time.

As far as the lace goes, I am pretty committed to the Hanging Vines Stole in some laceweight from Has anyone tried this pattern? Any cautions or recommendations?

And now for something completely different
This weekend Lara and Sarah and I decided rather impulsively to go out on the town. We hopped the train and headed in to Chinatown for a bit of Moroccan dinnerandashow.

This was not a knitty meetup, but there may have been a bit of commuter-knitting goin' on:

Lara's wee hat and my Trekking sock #2

Marrakesh has a great 5 course prix fixe which is all eaten utensil-free. I found it to be much less messy than the Ethiopian I had many moons ago in Portland. While that was good food, I was going to a show after and was too full to dance or drink much (a definite turn off). So Moroccan gets a big thumbs up!

And half way through, we were treated to a bit of dancing.

She was ok, especially during the sword-balancing number, but she was a bit too modern compared to what we were expecting.

Dinner was a three-hour chat fest, and a much needed break. Here we are before going our separate ways on the red line.

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